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Professional Electric Car Driving Lessons in Milton Keynes

Everyone owning electric cars would be a huge step forward in reducing damaging emissions and slowing down climate change.

If more learners demanded electric cars, this could have an impact, even if it is just a small one.

Learning to drive in an EV not only reduces emissions but reduces stress and anxiety without the worry of complicated clutch control manoeuvres, frequent gear changes and the possibility of the engine stalling.

Taking driving lessons in an EV is easier and a calmer way to learn. You will quickly build your confidence to become a responsible and independent driver. Our Electric vehicle driving instructors at MKSOM are highly experienced. We are the first driving school in mk to teach driving lessons in electric cars

In an electric car, 100 per cent of the torque (pulling power) is available from the moment you touch the accelerator. This means an electric car may race to 30mph quicker than some supercars, although most will lose this advantage beyond 40mph.

The instant torque means that electric cars are great fun to drive in the city, but you might need time to get used to the sharper throttle response.

We will teach you the skills you need to safely drive an electric vehicle in MK

Our Lessons

MKSOM has been providing driving lessons for nearly 15 years, so we know how to get you where you want to go.As one of MK’s leading independent driving schools, we pride ourselves on offering a local service by local instructors.We operate in many areas including Bletchley. Fenny Stratford, Shenley Brook End, Newport Pagnell, Great Linford, Campbell Park

Pay as you go

Fancy a try with our driving school. or just fancy paying for each lesson as you go. One driving hour in an Automatic car, Driving an Automatic Renault Clio, or 100% Electric Automatic Hyundai Kona

2 hour introductory offer

Why not try your first two driving hours in an Automatic car. This lesson is perfect for you to get used to the car and shows you just how we operate as driving instructors, Offer open for the first 2 hrs of driving tuition then charging our normal rate.

10 hour block booking

For the best-discounted rates of driving tuition you can always block book the 10hr slots, we can arrange the lesson times for your convenience and learn to drive with the electric driving school of Milton keynes MKSOM

The best independent driving instructors in Milton Keynes

With MKSOM, you can take automatic driving lessons across Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Being the best independent driving instructors in Milton Keynes, we know exactly what it takes to get you on the road driving an automatic car in Milton Keynes. We customize our driving lessons to your current ability levels to suit your needs. We also have both male and female driving instructors

Not only that, you will gain valuable experience about the traffic rules and dealing with peak traffic hours throughout your automatic car driving lesson. It also means you get the attention you need to master the skill of learning to drive across Milton Keynes. As well as giving you the experience of the test routes throughout MK.

How We Work?

So you like what you see so far, how do i book a lesson or block book driving lessons?


Either pick up the phone and call 01908 732 175 or fill the form out below. We will get back to ASAP.


Choose your lesson type either from single hr pay as you go driving lesson or block book 10 lessons with us today. 


We arrive at the confirmed meet spot and after a brief safety check, we are off, moving forward to your goals.

Contact Details

11 Cromarty Court.
Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

P: 01908 732175
E: [email protected]

Working Hours

Monday – Friday
08:00 / 20.00

08:00 / 17.00

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Mark taught both my lads I wouldn’t go anywhere else and he won’t sell you lessons you don’t need

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